Why is ELANY offering CyberCompass™ for FREE?
ELANY is committed to helping its active members comply with the New York State Department of Financial Services cybersecurity regulation. Our cybersecurity awareness training offer has helped excess line brokers comply with the regulation and protect their clients and businesses. CyberCompass™ is the next step in our efforts. This tool helps resident and nonresident excess line brokers comply with the regulation in a very hands-on, practical way. The requirements it addresses apply to both exempt and non-exempt brokers under the regulation.
Who qualifies for the ELANY offer?
All brokers with an active New York excess line license that have filed an insurance policy document with ELANY since January 1, 2018 qualify.
How do I activate my account?
You may have received an email with information on how to activate your account. You just need to log on and set a password. There is nothing to download. If you have not received an email and believe your firm qualifies, please contact us at cybercompass@elany.org.
How long will I be able to use CyberCompass™ for?
ELANY is paying for a one-year subscription.
What New York DFS cybersecurity regulation requirements does CyberCompass™ help me address?
CyberCompass™ will create a Risk Assessment, cybersecurity policies and procedures, manage third party service providers, assist in filing your annual certification of compliance, and help you track overall compliance with the regulation. These are key compliance requirements. CyberCompass™ will also identify vulnerabilities needing remediation.
I filed a limited exemption under the regulation with the DFS. Why should I care about CyberCompass™?
The requirements that CyberCompass™ addresses are mandatory even for firms that have filed a limited exemption. A limited exemption does not exempt a firm from all regulation requirements. CyberCompass™ will help you comply with these key requirements.
What if I don’t have answers to all the questions?
No problem. CyberCompass™ permits you to assign specific questions to others in your organization. It is easy to bring your subject matter experts into the process on a carefully tailored basis.
I want to have a truly robust cybersecurity protection program that may exceed compliance standards. Will CyberCompass™ help me?
Yes! CyberCompass™ allows each firm to do a DFS compliance risk assessment and in addition a CIS 20 analysis. CIS 20 takes a broad best practices approach to cybersecurity.
Will CyberCompass™ show me how to remediate identified vulnerabilities?
CyberCompass™ provides recommendations and resources for remediation, however, for risks requiring additional assistance, Renaissance Systems, Inc. (RSI), can provide professional services at a discounted price.
We are already in compliance with the regulation. Why do I need CyberCompass™?
First, congratulations on staying ahead of the curve! However, even if you are in compliance, CyberCompass™ provides an excellent check on your firm’s processes and procedures. It may reveal vulnerabilities and areas for improvement that have been overlooked. CyberCompass™ will permit your firm to track compliance processes and their owners in one place. In addition, the system’s third party service provider management function may be an enhancement with regard to current practices.
How do I get more information on the ELANY CyberCompass™ offer?
Email any questions to cybercompass@elany.org.

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