Video Library

The London Market: What to Expect in 2024


The London Market: What to Expect in 2024 (53 minutes)

2022 ELANY Annual Report


(12 minutes)

Mary Lanning Tribute Video


Video montage and highlights from the June 7th 2022 Tribute (8 minutes)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion you can use: A Practical Approach**


Vida Thomas, an employment defense litigator and DEI facilitator with Oppenheimer Investigations Group, and Michael Blackshear, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer for Ryan Specialty Group, share their insights into diversity, equity, and inclusion.

**NOTE: This webinar was previously recorded and is for informational purposes only. The CE credit offered during the LIVE presentation of this webinar is not available for viewing this video.

(57 minutes)

2022 Annual Members' Meeting


Call to Order - James Richardson, Chairman Treasurer’s Report - John Buckley Report on Election of Directors Chairman’s Report - James Richardson Executive Director’s Report - Daniel F. Maher (35 minutes)

ELANY's 2021 Annual Members' Meeting


Senator Breslin speaks E&S. (56 minutes)

2021 Redesigned Website Tour


Learn more about how to navigate through our redesigned website with our short video tour. (2 minutes)

ELANY Leaps Into the Future


ELANY is continually looking to serve our members' needs today, tomorrow and into the future. We are proud to present our vision of what that looks like in this video. (2 minutes)

ELANY — 30 Years of Advocacy


ELANY has been advocating on behalf of excess line brokers and consumers for 30 years. New York State legislators and industry leaders discuss our role in the policymaking process (6 minutes)

ELANY’s 2020 Annual Members’ Meeting


Special guest speaker Kevin Cahill, Chair of the Assembly Standing Committee on Insurance, provided insights on the insurance industry’s response to COVID-19, as well as several other important legislative and regulatory issues. (34 minutes)

Producing Broker's Guide to Completing the ELANY Part C Affidavit


A quick and easy guide for Producing Brokers completing the Part C Affidavit using ELANY’s website (2 minutes)

ELANY — 30 Year Anniversary Video


Join us celebrating ELANY’s thirty years serving New York (6 minutes)

Excess Line Filing Compliance — Get It Right the First Time


This short video explains how to properly file an excess line transaction using the ELANY Affidavit E-filing system and is a valuable training tool for both novice and veteran customer service representative (CSR) filers. The video walks the CSR through a filing making them aware of common submission errors, mistakes and omissions to avoid in order to get the filing done right the first time. (12 minutes)

A Five Minute Overview of the Excess Line Market


This video is a very basic outline of the Excess & Surplus lines market. It will explain the duties of an excess line broker and the difference between excess line insurers and licensed insurers. (5 minutes)

Diligent Search and the Reason to Believe Standard


This segment explains to brokers the legal obligation of the broker to conduct a diligent search of the licensed market before procuring coverage in the excess line market. (6 minutes)

How to Complete and File an Excess Line Premium Tax Statement


Every excess line broker must file an annual tax statement(return). This explains the important aspects of this legal obligation and walks through the preparation of a tax statement. (6 minutes)

Fees Which Can be Charged on NY Excess Line Transactions


This tutorial provides simple and straight forward advice about what fees can be charged by a broker and the duty to document these charges in writing (3 minutes)

Excess Line Broker Licensing Requirements


This addresses the most frequently asked questions about producer licensing and excess line broker licensing in New York (5 minutes)

Taxes and Assessments on Excess Line and Other Non-admitted Transactions


Five different taxes and assessments are a source of confusion to excess line brokers. Learn which five charges never apply to excess line policies and are subject when the others do apply (8 minutes)

Signing Up to Use ELANY's Electronic Filing System


This video demonstrates how easy it is to sign up to use ELANY's Electronic Filing System. (4 minutes)

Excess Line Brokers - Using the e-filing Part A Affidavit System - a Training Video


This video explains how easy it is to use ELANY's Electronic Filing System and demonstrates how to create and submit the documents electronically. (13 minutes)



This video is about the Excess Line Association of New York and its role in the marketplace (7 minutes)